Assalam-o-Alaikum. I hope everyone is doing well. I appreciate your thoughtful remarks. Today’s article is about Amazon Affiliate marketing In Pakistan. People praised me for saving them from a calamity; else, we would have invested in Amazon PL, which was the query (Private Label). We were unaware of what you had just informed us about. Planning is essential for Amazon, especially if you are creating a private label. Everything from inventory to cash on hand must be calculated.
Additionally, we must plan for six months’ worth of goods, not just one or two, and also talk about our finances and the entire bleeding procedure. That helped those who are more grounded in reality and live in the real world. They were aware that all the current seminars and courses were nothing more than schemes to fleece us out of our money. Then other dreamers whine that I have dashed their hopes of investing in Amazon to get wealthy overnight. I mentioned it wouldn’t occur immediately.
A few became upset with me and refused to believe what I had to say. OK, go on; you’ll understand why I said everything after a while. Anyway, let’s not get into that now. People have questioned what the impoverished should do if PL is exclusively for the wealthy. A few wealthy individuals in Pakistan have the financial means to invest $50,000 to launch Amazon PL. So, please show us the Amazon opportunity where we can begin working for free. Our earlier tutorials on how to get money from Amazon without making an investment covered this topic in detail.
The second topic we covered was Kindle drop shipping for wholesale businesses, meaning that writing books is a form of labor that requires no investment. So, let us now share the third and wholly legal way for you to get money from Amazon without making an investment. This subject will be called “Amazon Affiliate Marketing.” The “Amazon Associate Program” is another name for it. As we’ve seen with Kindle, anyone in Pakistan can easily register an account and publish books anywhere in the world.
Today, we’ll sign up for an Amazon Affiliate Marketing account in a flash. What location do we use? within the Amazon Associate Program. When you visit, they will prompt you to sign up and become an affiliate. If you can’t find the link, search for “Amazon Associate Program” on Google.
Again, this is the Amazon Associate Program. You’ll see a page appear in front of you. Click “Sign Up,” enter your information, and double-check that everything is true. Use your Pakistani address, postal code, phone number, and other contact information after receiving a verification code on your mobile device. You put your Amazon Affiliate Marketing account information in there along with the code. We are no longer under the stress of not being able to legally conduct affiliate marketing from Pakistan.
I’ll now explain what affiliate marketing, often known as the Amazon Associate Program, is. If you don’t have the funds to create a shop with me, Amazon offers no problem. At these stores, which I’ve already opened , people who have paid me for advertisements can use me as their agent to sell and promote their goods. This fee might be 2%, 8%, or 10%. Depending on the category of the product you are selling, the commission varies.
Amazon’s fee, for instance, will vary depending on whether you are selling sports equipment or beauty products. We are not currently talking about how to market those things. I’m merely explaining affiliate marketing to you. People who own stores can advertise them on Amazon, which acts as a marketplace. By providing them with customers and increasing sales, you are assisting Amazon in its advertising efforts. Since you haven’t made any financial commitments, Amazon will give you a commission as a sales agent. It is your responsibility to choose a product from among the many available on Amazon, sell it, and profit from the sale. You don’t have to keep inventory on hand or buy it; you don’t even have to give Amazon any money.
You only generate your commission by selling their stuff. In Pakistan, many people are making good money through affiliate marketing, and everything is legal. We will now examine affiliate marketing in more detail. This means that, for instance, someone may ask, “Is this a pen?” It had an Amazon listing and I sold it using any evidence I could find. Thus, I kindly urged my friend to purchase this pen. How would Amazon know that this customer purchased a pen as a result of my recommendation and that this sale belonged to me? “
There is a really simple fix for that. Given that they are a firm worth a trillion dollars and have extremely sharp minds, Amazon. Amazon prompts you to choose the product you want to sell once you register an affiliate account. For instance, as soon as you choose the item, you add the term “blue pen.” You are the one choosing the product. Choose whichever pen you want to offer that you think would sell well and is simple to sell.
Once you’ve made your choice, Amazon will send you a link, which comes in one of three forms: one is just plain text, the second is an image, and the third is a banner that you may use on your website (that is a separate detail; we will discuss that after this). I’m attempting to convey that Amazon will provide you with a link. The benefit or commission associated with it will now be automatically sent into your account whenever someone purchases a product by clicking on that link. You are not required to inform Amazon of your sales volume.
For instance, I’m looking to sell a blue pen. I requested a link from Amazon, which you can obtain by clicking the “get link” button, copying it, and promoting it. We now reach the section on “how to advertise.” There are two to three sorts of advertising. People develop their own blogs and websites before pasting links into them.
When traffic starts to flow, consumers will click on them and visit Amazon to make purchases. You receive the commission because the sale was made as a result of that link. The second alternative is for people to launch Facebook shops, promote their links, and advertise them. Customers who click on those links to buy the product pay you a commission. There are numerous free methods and plenty that require financial investment. For instance, if your shop is well-liked on Facebook and you publish something there, you will gain traffic.
As you have already made your Facebook social page, you won’t need to invest any money because your product will start selling. It is well-known among the public or you have successfully increased traffic through SEO. Therefore, you are no longer concerned about traffic because everything you post will start selling there. The second statement you make is, “Sir, I don’t have a website or a social media presence, so if I publish something to my page, no one will like it because I don’t have many followers or likes.”
You do this by paying to advertise that link on the same page. You present your goods to targeted audiences who are interested in them. On the subject of “How to do Facebook marketing and how to run ad campaigns on Facebook “, we will post the article. With these advertising strategies, you may promote any company in the globe on Facebook through sponsored advertising, in addition to starting an Amazon business. You have likely noticed numerous times when browsing Facebook that there are advertisements for restaurants. Maybe there may be a spot where you can find that eatery. Area you have never visited before the restaurant will be on a side of the street that is not the main street.
However, one of the best things about social media is how close the items are to you. I offer this as an illustration of how effective this marketing is. For example, I’m in Lahore right now, and I want to sell my rickshaw and motorcycle. I’ve created a straightforward campaign. You won’t believe me when I say that I simply paid Rs. 1,428 for this and posted it on Facebook in exchange for receiving a list of 25 sellers.
This indicates the post is generating engagement from readers. Some folks simply require one device, and I am willing to entertain them and give them the factory pricing. In the end, if I sell 1,000 pieces in a month and 400 of those are to walk-in consumers, that is beneficial for me. This indicates that I am now receiving direct payment from the buyer for any profit I previously made. I had to pay the dealer. Since the dealer must maintain his or her margin, it is advantageous for both me and the buyer. Another benefit is that I am now receiving calls from many cities. For instance, I received a phone call from Chaman, Gilgit, or Mardan saying, “I need your dealership,” when I was in Lahore.
That is to say, by sitting here, I have reached my intended audience throughout Pakistan who asks, “Is there a consumer for this product, which includes a motorcycle and rickshaw?” Kindly come. People are reaching out to me. Another option is to drive into the market with my marketing team and car to promote and sell it. Now, please advise me on the best approach. Is the one in which I am entering a new market and am unsure of what will transpire, whether or not someone will offer me a glass of water?
Why don’t I present my picture to the locals and invite everyone who is interested to visit my factory, where I will then be able to see the dealership point? This appears to be better. The future of marketing is social media. In my opinion, everyone should study it. Everyone needs to learn it, regardless of their line of work. I utilize each of these talents in each of my three to four businesses. I don’t have to enroll in a school to learn these. I read the YouTube lessons and picked them up by watching videos that showed me how to do one thing from here and another from there. I’ve now learned everything I at least needed to know to market my goods.
Now let’s get back to the subject. It was important to underline in the film that social media marketing is the way of the future. Additionally, it will provide you with other initiatives from the local market in addition to helping you on Amazon. For instance, if a new restaurant asks for digital marketers after opening, you swoop in and say, “Sir, I can drive traffic to your business.” You will receive a sizable monthly payment from them. Service Separately, filing and campaign fees must be paid. If you have the skill to get back there again, there are advantages; otherwise, there are none. Returning to the subject, we must promote that link by utilizing our knowledge of social media marketing.
Make sure the customers know that a blue pen is accessible. Would you like some? Whoever needs it will click on the link to purchase it, and you will receive the commission. On to the next subject, please. Since it is impossible to cover everything in affiliate marketing in a 15 to 20 minute video, I will merely share the highlights and refrain from going into depth. The items we intend to sell in PL (Private Label), as you discovered while conducting product research. In the same vein, we must decide what to sell. For instance, if you sell a $10 product and Amazon pays 2% of that price, the amount you receive would only be a few pennies. Is that advantageous to you? Well, you might sell a lot more of that $10 product.
On the other hand, you start selling the Sony camera list when you wish to sell a Sony camera. The first, second, and third weeks might each see no sales. However, you would receive a significant commission in your account if you were able to sell 2 units in a month. We have now determined what our price range will be. I advise selling an expensive item since you will recoup a respectable percentage of your investment. It’s not like you’re required to sell just one thing. 1000 links can be created, and 1000 things can be sold. Each sale will result in a commission for you. These different products will be advantageous, and your likelihood of making a sale increases if you have a website and have a variety of visitors.
You sell all of the things that fall within that niche, not just one. For instance, if you sell batteries or cameras, the visitors to your website are those who are interested in those things. Because the client he is getting is not there to buy medicine, a website that sells cameras won’t sell herbal remedies or other medical items. But you must keep this in mind while purchasing electronics. We now know what the appropriate pricing range should be. It is preferable to sell the item for a good price.

Next, make an effort to market some services. For instance, there are numerous Amazon subscriptions. Selling subscriptions has the advantage that every month they will be renewed, and you will be paid a commission. The buyer made a one-time purchase of the camera and will not do so again the following month. Therefore, if you sell subscriptions or other similar items, such as music CDs, their renewal occurs every month. If you can sell 10–12 memberships, you may expect to receive a commission on each one each month because those customers tend to renew their subscriptions. You should also identify a specialty area in which you excel. As you claim, Sir, I wish to work in this area because it is covered on my Facebook page, which also receives a lot of traffic and has the same kind of following.
As I just mentioned, if a consumer came in looking for gadgets, he or she would not purchase medicine even if they saw an advertisement for it. I hope you have absorbed these brief pointers that I have provided. There is no requirement for investment because they are all tied to your expertise. Your website or the sum you spent promoting that link could represent your biggest investment. No inventory needs to be purchased, there is no need for bleeding, and no upward ranking from page 30 to page 1 is necessary.
Given that you are already selling a top-quality product that is simple to market, you have an option. I’d like to add one more thing at this point: anytime you choose a product, you should check to see if there is a promotion running. Products with promotions are quite simple to sell because of the locations where you advertise them. Discounts like a 40% flat discount will also be mentioned. Every customer will be drawn to the 40% discount. The likelihood of conversion will rise when they arrive at the list and see a 40% discount there as well. The buyer will buy if they have to if you are selling a pen for $10; otherwise, the majority won’t.
However, if you write, “get a $20 pen for only $10.” one-time 50% off (make sure that it also appears on the data list as the buyer is not a fool and will do a comparison). Therefore, selling and making commission on special promotions is simple. I hope you enjoy the video. Ask any questions you may have in the comments about associate marketing, the Amazon Associate Program, or affiliate marketing with Amazon. And I sincerely hope that I have no longer angered those whose hopes I have crushed. They can now engage in affiliate marketing and make money. Some people earn thousands, or even millions, of dollars each year, not just a few hundred. A few people I knew made between 1.5 and 1.6 million per month via affiliate marketing. Therefore, it is your skill and hard work. You will make more money the more you get involved. If you seek the knowledge please click on this

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