Hey, what’s up? We’re talking about the Best app for Photography, so if you like taking pictures with your smartphone or if you have a real digital camera, and you want to start making even up to a hundred dollars with your photos, then I’m going to show you exactly how to get started. Hey, what’s going on? My name is Tahir, and welcome. So I’m telling you all about how to make some extra money online or with your smartphone, so if you’re ready to escape your nine-to-five job, if you want to work from home and become your own boss, today we’re taking a look at one of the best photo selling apps. The website we’re going to look at today or the app we’re going to look at today is called SnapWire.

So go over to your Google Play Store or your App Store and you can go ahead and download SnapWire straight to your smartphone. Where you can start uploading photos and getting paid for them, because again, you can download this on your Google Play Store or your app store. So what is Snapwire? It’s basically an app where you can create your own profile, upload your photos just like Instagram, and start selling them to earn some money, so once you go ahead and come on the website or on the app, all you’re going to do is click on creators. After that, you’re going to want to click on’become a creator’ right here, and that’s the way it’s going to work.

The reason is that you couldn’t earn and succeed in two different ways. The first way is by requests and challenges, so businesses or people that are looking for specific photos are going to submit their request to Snapwire and other photographers. Inside of Snapwire, you have the option to submit a photo to the request in order to be chosen to win the request. If you win, they’re going to pay you a hundred percent of the sale, so for example, as you’re going to get to keep a hundred percent of any requests or challenges that you submit your photos to, so if you record your photo selling for a hundred bucks, or one hundred and fifty, or even two hundred bucks, you’re going to keep a hundred percent of that now.

The second way to earn this is through your portfolio, so once you create your profile on Saturday, Pyre, you’re going to be uploading photos to build up your profile. You know, if a buyer sees your profile, and they buy one of your photos, you’re going to get to keep 50% of the sale, so it’s two cool ways to start earning. As you can see right here, most other apps and, you know, websites just like this usually only pay out about 20%, so instead of here, you’re going to get to keep a hundred percent of any the challenges or requests this and fifty percent of any the photos that you sell through your profile. So once you start building up your profile, you can go ahead and get it featured on a snap wire.

So once you go ahead and get your profile featured, you can see right here, featured photographers, it’s going to make it easier for you. You know, new people and people that are looking for these stock images to go ahead and find your profile. You obviously want to start building up your profile, kind of giving it a style. So the people you know that are looking for your type of photography could eventually discover you. You can also see the leader board, so the people that are selling most right now, you can possibly get a good idea of what’s working for them. You can do different types of photography like others. So you can click on any one of their profiles and see exactly what they’re doing? You know what they’re uploading, so yeah, Snap Buyer lets you check out all these profiles.

So you could also, again, just get a good idea of what’s working out right now. If you want to see exactly what’s selling, all you have to do is click on recently purchased, and you’re going to get to see all the recently purchased photos, so for example, a picture was sold for about a hundred bucks there, and if we go back, this one right here was sold for $500. Now depending on the size of the image, if I go to a small, this was only going for fifty bucks; if I go to a medium, 125; a large, 250; and an XL, $500, so that just got sold, you know, not that long ago. So this was inside one of the recent purchases and a quick tip to get your photographs discovered and, overall, you know your pictures discovered by buyers are all inside the tags. Because whenever I’m looking to buy a stock image just like this, I’m always typing in these keywords and seeing exactly what you know, trying to find the exact photo that I’m looking for.

So here are the keywords, and adding in more keywords and more tags inside your photo is going to help it get It was discovered that there was more. So, for example, as we typed, a blonde woman held all these little keywords that you think may not matter. It can actually help your photo get discovered even more, so make sure you’re adding in all the keywords possible that describe your photo, because that’s exactly what people are going to be looking for. Now the last thing I want to go over is exactly how you’re going to get paid now.  You’re going to get paid through your PayPal or Stripe account, so you want to make sure you have either one of those set up already, so you can go ahead and connect it to your Snap Buyer account. You can start getting paid out; they usually make payments once per month on the first of the month. So you’re going to be getting paid once every single month through your request, so once you start getting a balance going inside your account, you want to make sure you submit a request that you actually want to get paid out.

If you have any more questions about how it works, they have a great FAQ section at the bottom. For example, you know how it works. How can I submit it? What are the points? and the levels are working? How can you submit to one of the challenges? So again, you can start keeping a hundred percent of the sales guys and overall, just a ton of basic questions right here that go over exactly how everything inside of Snap Buyer works.

So, if you want to get started, if you like taking photos with your smartphone, or with your digital camera, if you want to get into photography. You want to earn some money from the photos that you’re taking right now? Maybe you’re a the young photographer, so give snap out your try. Because again, this is one of the best photo selling apps right here, so definitely check it out guys. So if you got some value from this article, please visit more at our website.

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