If you want to establish a little side business in your city and you are already there, go for it. Go ahead and locate a secondhand book shop. Today, I’ll teach you that how to sell books on Amazon, and anyone can easily buy and sell the books here. Then you can look in the secondhand shop. Here, we may search immediately. Typically, after booking and observing, someone will review the books and discuss them. They weren’t in this instance, but that’s one. A method by which you can verify that a bookstore will occasionally carry Some even claim that this store has a great selection. So that’s a good sign for the book selection. You may want to check that one out right away.
So let’s try to locate one, so I went ahead and everyone looked at one to demonstrate what I mean. I looked through books at any secondhand shop. Review and a large group of people are visible. Describe the library’s selection of books. This second-hand shop is excellent.
Therefore, you can see how that might be good. This is a chance for you to enter and depart in advance and scan a few books to bring. I’ll go on to my preferred method of sourcing. Secondhand books that were being sold were going to adore library sales, in particular, anything similar, so let’s repeat it once again. Let’s imagine that you are in Kansas City. I’m going to check out Missouri.
So you’re just going to browse this list—which includes a schedule of upcoming book sales—and you’re just going to search for them in the yellow-colored ones that are somewhat sponsored, which I’m descending to the white ones, and then you’ll just be searching for any libraries that have strong sales. Therefore, in this instance, I’m not sure where Missouri and California are, but it appears to be a novel with some consistent sales. There are several thousand books in there. It feels like March 4th in Cape Girardeau. They currently have 4,500 books that will be sold, so these are fantastic. The opportunity to enter and purchase numerous items during a single day.
I recall the secondhand book sales I used to participate in the most. I visited a sizable I went to an Oklahoma City book sale, making roughly $25,000 per year. Making a $300 profit is acceptable for a good day’s work. Therefore, the following step that I found on Facebook is used by the person to source books and markets, particularly the local pickups in their neighborhood. Therefore, anyone can look here. I’m going to the Facebook Marketplace. In advance, choose just local pickup and say we are once more in Kansas City. So that you can use the books to search, see If anyone has any intriguing information to browse through a bit here, and this is something it would be worthwhile to investigate here, we have nursing books.
So let’s check Amazon to see if we can find any of these books there. See if we can locate this laboratory tests and diagnostics book. I discovered the listing over here on Amazon, and in this instance, we can see it on the Keep a Chart—another Chrome extension. I would recommend having it because it will show you when the books are selling—that there are no drops in this sales rank chart, indicating that this book has never sold. We would want to keep looking through some of these books. I wondered if it would be worthwhile for us to do so, and then I discovered that this laboratory tests and diagnostics book
It appears that they are only asking for $5 per book, so this might be a little more reasonable, or we can simply go ahead and search for these titles. Here, there was another advertisement for a lot more textbooks, so we can do the exact same thing with these volumes. Try to find something worthwhile. This is a strategy that I really enjoyed using because you can buy textbooks for $5, $10, or $20 each and sell them for much more, making a lot more money per unit than you would with books from thrift stores. You’ll be able to find a lot of books there where you’ll be making $3, $5, or $6 profit per book.

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There are several ways to source textbooks, which brings us to the next question: how do I know? How much are these books worth? Sure, I could do what I just did and Google a title, but that’s going to take forever, right? That’s where this tool comes into play.
The best app for this business is called Scout IQ. It’s basically a database of every single book that is on Amazon, and it’s going to show you exactly what the books are worth. You can see down. Here’s kind of an interface. Let’s say I’m at the thrift store. There’s a big pile of used books. I can just scan this barcode on the back here and then pair that with this app that I want to talk about here.
I just pulled this book off my bookshelf, and we’re going to use Scout IQ to see if it’s profitable. We’ll just scan this barcode, and it looks like this book. In this case, it says we’re going to go ahead and reject this book. However, I want to go ahead and talk about the specific things in this that interest me. The first thing I want to look at is the rank of this book. The closer you are to the one you want, the more profitable the book is.
Most likely, basically, considering that it is ranked on Amazon, it is followed by the e-score.
Another crucial parameter to consider will be the number of days in the past 180 days that this has occurred. The book is actually the most popular, with 151 plus. Therefore, in this instance, it is probably selling many copies of the book daily, thereby indicating that this book is being. Therefore, this one isn’t really worth it for sellers’ time, but I went and read another book. I went forward and removed my bookshelf from his book.
We’re just going to go ahead and scan this barcode here, and it looks like this book. In this case, it says we’re going to go ahead and reject this book. However, I want to go ahead and talk about the specific things in this that I’m interested in, so the first thing I want to look at is the rank of this book. As far as rank goes, the closer to one you are, the better. In this case, a 3000.
This book is selling very quickly but is only selling for 7.45 in the used buy box, which is what we’re going to be competing for as Facebook sellers, so this one’s not really a deal-breaker. However, since it is ranked on Amazon and the e-score is another crucial metric to look at that will show us the number of days within the last 180 days that this book has actually been sold, the highest it has gone is 151 plus, so in this case, this book is probably selling multiple copies every single day.
As a result, when you scan this book, you’ll notice that it will once again show you the score, e, and in this case, it will genuinely advise us to accept it. Additionally, it has a small chime, so what would be best would be to plug in earbuds whenever possible. I was at the consignment shop, so I wouldn’t even need to glance at my phone. I would only be listening and scanning. I would just be listening to podcasts. I found that tiny whistle indicating that I found some profit, which is seen in this instance. On the left column, it displays us. Every single vendor filled orders, which these books

It’s shipping directly to customers from someone’s home, warehouse, or garage, and what I like to do is fulfilled by Amazon, because when you do that, you’re able to ship to Amazon and then they take care of customer service and shipping the items to the customers for you, and shipping to Amazon is very, very cheap—it only costs about 30 cents per pound—so I really like doing that. Look over on the right side of the page.
We can go ahead and plug in a buy cost here, so typically you’ll be paying a dollar per paperback, so if we plug in a dollar, it’s going to show us our true net profit after the cost of the book, right, so that’s going to help us a lot when we’re at the thrift store. In this case, we have the fba offers for the new copies. In this case, we bought this book. You know, hypothetically, we bought this book at a thrift store, so it’s definitely in used condition.
You can actually go ahead and plug in your purchase price on this app to calculate it and help you know how quickly things are selling. Again, on this listing, I want to go ahead and talk about escorts. So the last one we had 151 plus, which means it’s probably selling every single day, but in this case it has a 69 escort, which means it’s selling once. When we really have to pay one or two dollars for that book, we’re not going to be making a profit.
Since this is a textbook, it probably sold a lot of copies in January when people were starting college and getting new textbooks, so at that time, they were probably selling a lot per day. However, now that it’s March, no one is really buying textbooks, so sales are probably slowing down a bit. Another thing we can look at in this app is this button, which will show us how many people have downloaded it.
We can check the black line here to make sure that the book is actually selling for the price that it scans at because sometimes you might scan a book and it says it’s selling for a hundred dollars, but really that’s just someone who priced it at 100, and last week it sold for five dollars, so that kind of makes sense, and every time you see a drop, that means it’s selling, and since it’s January, people are buying textbooks right now, so that kind of all makes sense.
So now that we have a large collection of profitable books, we’ve gone to thrift stores, we’ve used Scout IQ, and we’ve found some profitable books, but the next step of the process can be a little confusing, especially on your first try, so what you’re going to do is: 1. Go to a thrift store and look for some profitable books.
2. Use scout IQ to find some profitable books. 3.Go online. 4. Sell the books. If you want
We’re going to list this on Amazon. You can list it through Amazon Seller Central, or you can use the app I showed you earlier. I much prefer listing inventory with Inventory Lab because it just makes the process so much faster, but if you must, you can start with Amazon Seller Central because this extension costs $50 per month. So definitely don’t do this if you’re on a tight budget.
Here with a special barcode that Amazon will provide us, so whether you list through Amazon Seller Central or list it through Inventory Lab, part of the process, Amazon will allow you to print out. They will give you the barcodes that you need to print out on these address labels here, and then you’re going to cover the barcode, and then after that, you’re going to go ahead and box it all up and ship it off to Amazon and FB. This is not a video that’s going to show you how to do that.
Everything is packaged, labeled, and ready to be shipped to Amazon, where shipping costs are about 30 cents per pound. This makes a lot of things more profitable than they would be if you tried to sell items on platforms like eBay or Mercari, where shipping costs could be high and
It will eat up a significant portion of your profits. Go ahead and order these address labels from this page.
But if you do decide to proceed, and if you have a reasonable sum of money to invest in setting up this business, I would advise using this label printer in conjunction with the inventory lab because it will speed up this process. Again, this is not necessary at first; it’s just that if you really want to jump start your business, use these tools. This brings us to the point where we’ve found books and shipped them to Amazon, which has already received them.
If you haven’t heard of repricing software, they are going to monitor your pricing and ask you every 15 minutes or so if you’re still charging the price you want to or if you’re still tied for the best price. You can see a lot of the books that I used to sell in the past on this page, but you can set a minimum and maximum price on every book that you’re selling, which will protect your profits because if you don’t do that, you won’t be able to
Your reprice will say, “Okay, let’s get a little more profit on this.” So let’s raise our price, so within be cool, we’re going to be able to set a minimum, so in this case, I told it to never sell for less than 14 and never sell for more than 32 dollars, and we can even set custom repricing rules, all that kind of stuff. This tool can get really fancy with this tool, but this tells the repricer this tells Amazon that I never want to sell
I really like using this tool, which costs $25 a month and has been a huge help for my business. It’s not absolutely necessary at first, but it’ll help you set up. In particular, once you start making $1,000 or more in sales each month, I would highly recommend getting a repricer because it will increase your sales by much more than the $25 a month that you’re paying for it. I hope this article has been helpful. Grab your scout IQ and head to a thrift shop.
This is how I was able to launch my business, and it has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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